A Tour of the GM&O Eastern Division

Click on the following links to tour the railroad from Chicago to St. Louis as well as the support elements of the railroad!


Chicago Terminal Subdivision       Chicago Union Station to South Joliet

Chicago (Staging)

NEW PHOTOS 11/27/07

Brighton Park (Panhandle Crossing)

NEW PHOTOS 11/27/07

Corwith (ATSF Crossing)

LeMoyne (BRC Crossing)



Argo (IHB Crossing) STARTED

Lockport STARTED

Joliet/South Joliet/

NEW PHOTOS 11/27/07

St. Louis Terminal Subdivision           Alton to East St. Louis

Wann NEW PHOTOS 11/26/07

North Wood River/Roxana


Granite City

Venice/Brooklyn Yard

Bridge Junction/Relay Depot

St. Louis (staging)


First Subdivision                                     South Joliet to Bloomington


Mazonia NEW PHOTOS 11/26/07

Dwight (NYC Crossing)

NEW PHOTOS 11/27/07

Pontiac (IC and Wabash Crossings)

Chenoa (TP&W Crossing)

Normal (IC Crossing)

Bloomington (P&E, NKP Crossings and Yard)

NEW PHOTOS 11/27/07

Second Subdivision                 Bloomington to Wann


Atlanta (PRR Crossing)


Athol/Lincoln (IC Crossings)

NEW PHOTOS 11/27/07

Ridgely (C&IM Crossing)

Springfield (B&O Crossing) NEW PHOTOS 11/26/07

Iles (Wabash Crossing)

Girard (CB&Q Crossing)

NEW PHOTOS 11/27/07

Nilwood NEW PHOTOS 11/26/07


Brighton (CB&Q Crossing) COMPLETE


Wann NEW PHOTOS 11/26/07

Alton NEW PHOTOS 11/27/07

East Alton