Jobs on the GM&O Eastern Division


DISPATCHER  - There are two dispatcher positions on the railroad.  The GM&O dispatcher handles the Glenn to Wann segment which is divided into three subdivisions. Two of the subdivisions are dispatched under CTC and the Chicago Terminal Subdivision is Rule 251 Territory operating under timetable/train order authority. The Big Four dispatcher handles the joint double track from Wann southward to Venice Junction. Authority for movements is by timetable/train order with movements coordinated between three tower operators.

    *    GM&O Dispatcher - Bloomington: This job requires dispatching using both CTC and Time-Table/Train Order methods due to the complexity of the railroad. Most train orders will authorize work extras, allow for movements against the current of traffic, create second sections, or temporary speed restrictions. In addition, the dispatcher will OK clearances ready to be delivered to trains by block operators. The GM&O Dispatchers territory extends from Glenn Yard in suburban Chicago to Wann Cabin  at Wood River, Illinois. The railroad operates under timetable/train order authority from Glenn to Normal and under CTC from Bloomington to Wann.
    *    NYC "Big Four" Dispatcher - Indianapolis: This dispatcher supervises movements of trains between East Alton/Wann and East St. Louis on the joint GM&O/NYC double track. Authority for movements is by timetable and train orders. Since this district is primarily terminal trackage movements to/from other railroads are routine and are authorized by issuance of a clearance.

TRAINMASTER - This position deals primarily with the ProTrak car-forwarding system. Experience using ProTrak is desirable but not required. The trainmaster also serves as train order operator copying orders issued by the two dispatchers and relaying them to the affected trains. The trainmaster also works with the yardmasters to update and deliver switchlists and yard work lists to affected crews.


TOWER/BLOCK OPERATOR - Acting under the direction of the dispatcher, this person aligns switches and clears signals for impending train movements within the territory of the block office or tower where they are assigned. There are four tower positions on the railroad:

    *    Brighton Park/Pan Handle Crossing: This block operator deals with trains operating out of downtown Chicago southward to Glenn. In addition to handling movements over the manual interlocking at Brighton park, the operator coordinates non-GM&O transfer trains. The Block Operator at Brighton Park also manages Chicago staging. This position is housed in the crew lounge where the operator can copy train orders/clearances and work with trains arriving/departing Chicago stagins.
    *    Wann/Wood River: Same duties as Brighton Park Block Operator but territory is a smaller area (Wann to Wood River). This job is usually covered by the Wann Yardmaster.
    *    Lenox/Iles Towers: This block operator operates levers for both Iles (Springfield) and Lenox towers. The block operator also operates all C&EI and Alton & Southern train movements while serving as yardmaster at Mitchell yard.
    *    WR Tower/Venice Junction: Combined with the Venice Yardmaster's job, this block operator operates the lever frame for Granite City's WR Tower. Management of the St. Louis staging tracks is also one of this job's duties.


    *    Glenn Yard: This is the GM&O's main yard in Chicago. All GM&O freight trains except unit coal trains either originate or terminate here. Transfer movements work in/out of this yard as well. Most yard work is light classification and turning of trains for outbound trips.
    *    South Joliet:  This yard is responsible for local trains which work customers between Summit (south of Glenn) and Dwight. Three local jobs work out of this yard and are the responsibility of the yardmaster to make up and call crews for in a timely manner. The locals originating in this yard must be authorized by train order, therefore the yardmaster will have considerable communications with the GM&O Dispatcher.
    *    Bloomington: This is the primary classification yard on the division. There are TWO switch jobs which are supervised/coordinated by the yardmaster. The yardmaster also serves as block operator for BN Cabin. A local (Bloomington > Normal) work job is based in this yard.
    *    Ridgely (Springfield): This small yard serves as an interchange yard with B&O and C&IM, does light classification and re-blocking of trains. This is the primary collection point for traffic to/from Kansas City.
    *    Wann Yard: Primarily an interchange and local customer yard, Wann also functions as an interchange yard for NYC and for Illinois Terminal. Two local switch jobs work out of this yard! The Wann Yardmaster may choose to work the Alton and/or Oil Jobs or ask for a crew to be assigned by the dispatcher.
    *    Venice Yard: All GM&O freights terminate in this yard, light classification necessary. A New York Central yard is located opposite of Venice Yard.


    *   Interchange Job: This job is gradually being phased out in favor of giving the train movements to local block operators, however we will still use the job this weekend! The Interchange crew moves all non-GM&O/NYC trains on the railroad including transfers in terminal districts.
    *    Boomer: This person is a roving crew which is assigned to work as extra help in yards.

ROAD SERVICE, PASSENGER - Handles crew duties on passenger trains. There are as many as four passenger trains active at any time including commuter runs.

ROAD SERVICE, FREIGHT - Handles crew duties on both through and local freights. Note that all freights are operated with two-man crews. There are usually four to six freight trains operating at any given time which include interchange trains from other railroads connecting to the GM&O as well as St. Louis terminal transfers from TRRA, A&S, and Manufacturer's Railway. In the Chicago Terminal subdivision transfers take place twice daily between the GM&O's Glenn yard and IHB, BRC, B&OCT, Chicago Jct., ATSF, and EJ&E.