U.K. Crossover, M.P. 72.8 (NYC Crossing)

Dwight, M.P. 73.6

The NYC's line to Streator crosses the GM&O just north of Dwight at U.K. Crossing. There is joint switching around this interlocking between GM&O and NYC.


These first two images are long views of Dwight. The image on the left looks south from the north siding switch. The right-hand image looks north toward U.K. Crossover (the NYC diamonds). This section of the railroad was pre-existing railroad. In the previous version.these sections made up the town of Chenoa.

Here we look east across the NYC toward U.K. Tower (now closed since CTC has been installed on the railraod! On the right is the local elevator just south of the Dwight depot. My step-son, Sam, is working on an HO-scale version of his senior design project which was a model of the local MoPac depot which will serve as the Dwight station. Both buildings are amazingly similar in style and construction!

Those familiar with the last scenery projects on the former incarnation will recognize this small segment of scenery of the railroad in a deep cut. The ground cover in all of these pictures is actual sifted dirt from our back yard! It is a nearly 100% match for Illinois farmland soil!! All other scenic elements are Woodland Scenics (keeping as much of our railroad's acquisitions coming from Missouri train stores and manufacturers!).