Brighton, M.P. 246.0 (CB&Q Crossing)

Brighton, Illinois, is located approximately 45 miles NNE of St. Louis. Here the Burlington's line to Beardstown crosses the GM&O. The interlocking tower closed and the signals were remoted in the GM&O's CTC installation at Bloomington. The Q line sees one passenger train each day and several freight trains as well.

On the Eastern Division Brighton is on a narrow shelf which allows room only to model the trackside area. Two street crossings with flashers  are located immediately south of the depot. Directly across from the depot is a small, local elevator and team track. The CB&Q diamond is located just north of the team track switch. This small town was a fun project and was not included in the original renovation plans for the layout.

The original plan called for "country running" however Brighton was such a small town that it turned into a nice L.D.E. (layout design element) and it serves the purpose of breaking up the scene! This small area has been a lot of fun to work scenic items into and will be the first area of the new construction to be fully scenicked and detailed. I will leave the old tower and it's associated "Armstrong" lever linkage to the signals and locks in place but the interlocking will show the new installation of electrical cabinets and other small details associated with that installation as well as around the town of Brighton!

The road crossings in Brighton will be one of the few on the railroad with working flashers eventually.